.Zepto File Virus Uninstall Guide

Know How To Uninstall .Zepto File Virus And Get Back Encrypted Files With Ease

.Zepto File Virus is newly released variant of Locky Ransomware that is also designed to encrypts victims system files and make files completely inaccessible. Similar  to other  file encryption ransomware virus .Zepto File Virus also implement RSA-2048 key to encrypt files and add .Zepto extension at the end of file name. As like other file encryption ranomware virus this threatening program is also propagated with aim to grab money from victimized  computer users, it also demand about 0.5 bitcoin which is about $360.  


This threat is very aggressive in nature its presence on computer will create unexpected troubles, if this infection is not terminated immediately from computer then  you may restricted accessing of computer. After encrypting files .Zepto File Virus will scare you by displaying fake warning messages and notifications which states that your system files has been encrypted if you want to get back files then visit some specif link as shown in above image. But paying money is not solution to get back files and Uninstall .Zepto File Virus completely from computer, in fact payment strategies is used to gain your banking details and other valuable informations. So if you don't want to fooled by this malware then it is advised to remove .Zepto File Virus immediately from PC by following removal guide.

Manual Procedure To Delete .Zepto File Virus Effectively From Compromised Computer

Method 1 :- Start Computer in Safe Mode

Step 1: First start your computer in safe mode to perform this task press & hold F8 key until Advance boot option appear.


Step 2: Press Tab key from keyword to navigate to Safe Mode With Networking and hit enter button.


Method 2 : .Zepto File Virus Removal From Windows Task Manager

Step 1:- know kill .Zepto File Virus related process from Task Manager to perform this task press Ctrl+ Shift+Esc together from keyboard. 


Step 2: Locate suspicious or unwanted process then terminate that process that you want.


Method 3: Delete Registry Entry created by .Zepto File Virus

Step 1: Type “regedit” in the search then click on → regedit.exe file.


Step 2: Locate to suspicious entries created by Malware in the Windows search field and delete if found in folder.


  • %ProgramData%
  • %AppData%
  • %Temp%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %WinDir%


Method 4: Check System Configurations For .Zepto File Virus And Other Unwanted Stuffs

Step 1: Press Window + R kry together from keyword


Step 2:- Now type ”msconfig” in the field and hit Enter. 


Step 3: Now in the Startup tab, uncheck all entries having Unknown as Manufacturer.

Note:- This guide was written to help you to Uninstall  .Zepto File Virus completely from infected computer, and it will not recover your encrypted files. In case this method will not prove fruitful for then you may download Windows .Zepto File Virus Scanner software which is specially designed to this very purpose. This tool is enough to deal  with highly severe and newly released threats, so click on below download button to download the software to get rid of existing threat in hassle free way. 


After deleting existing malware you ma easily recover your lost or encrypted data files in its original format with the help of professional Data Recovery Software which can easily decrypt your file, download the software to get back files with ease.

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